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Feeling Good

How do you know your on your rightful path, you have a hunch call it intuition, your gut feeling.

Learning to trust your intution is hard but keep trusting in yourself and you will get there.

My journey on the road to recovery has been hard after I lost my husband, baby steps first but

now I can take big strides towards my future. It's been hard many tears I have shed, frustration,

anger, so many questions but deep down I know the answers. I have done a lot of soul searching and now I'm back stronger then ever.

I can now break free of the past and be who I truly am and so can you all.

Just be YOU! with all your faults and flaws as no one is perfect, how can we

be as life is for us to learn and to grow from our experiences.

I have been helped and nurtued, that I'm truly thankful for but now its

time to break free and find my own two feet and walk tall feeling good

and so can all of you. Just take your time and allow yourself to grow big and strong,

for we all have much inner strength that we can all draw strength from.

Blessings of love and light to you all Susie <3

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Now and forever my

lovely husband will

be my side for love

never dies it just grows

stronger every day

love you always

forever and ever


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