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Soulful Healing session in house £60.


I will take you on a journey of self-discovery to open your mind to the limitless, boundless source of wonderful energies of colour. 

Sharing my philosophy on life, I work with the subtle energies of colour, as a natural safe way to re-balance your body allowing yourself to heal in mind, body and soul.

Using light for healing has been around for a long time. It dates back to Egyptian times as well as ancient Chinese as they would often place patients in different coloured rooms to help to ease their illness.

The Beamer Light Pen works subtly on your body and can focus the energies of the colours on your chakras, meridians and acupuncture points bringing you the balance of Yin and Yan, which will help your body to flow with the natural rhythm of life.

In house Soulful Healing £60

1 -1 Soulful Healing session via zoom £60

Book 2 sessions and get the 3rd for half price £150

Transformational Healing in house £60 per session         




1 -1 Transformational Healing via zoom £60 per session                                           


Book 2 sessions and get the 3rd for half price £150                             


Bacs transfer is also available, please contact me for more information at


When you let the light of your soul shine with the beautiful colours of the world, you will view life differently.  Where colour and light dance upon the rainbow waves of inner truth, beauty and love. Sending rainbow rays of hope, love and happiness out to the Universe and beyond. 

My healing couch awaits you, in person or remotely.


Healing blessings Susie  

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