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Thank You

I wish to thank you all beautiful souls for holding this space that I cherish so much. My intention a few years ago was to send out love and light across the oceans to you all and out into the Universe. I still feel very humble that my page has grown and our light shines even more brighter which is amazing.

Many of you are aware that my lovely husband died 3 years ago. The love I felt from you all was

immense. I could really feel the love so bless you all. Thank you also dear sweet souls

for holding the energy of love and light. The more love we send out the more love we will

get in return. It's the ripple effect so cast your pebble of love out into the ether and watch

the love come back to you.

Through Transformational Healing I have been able to shift much. I have been like many of you

on a long deep journey of my soul. Looking within and delving into the darkness that was within

me. I have looked at my fear...taken a real good look at the grief...those dark days that I had are

now days of light for I have really freed myself up.

Just recently I was given the opportunity to jump back on the board of life. So I seized the moment

with both hands. I felt safe and comfortable with my travel companion (friend) even though I had

only met them 4 times, it felt right and I just knew we would have a fantastic time away. 5 nights

in Paris was truly epic on so many levels. I stood in the footsteps of my late husband and felt no

sadness, just immense joy. I was living in the moment and soaking up every second of our time away.

Words I find hard how to describe my time away, it has defiantly shifted something within me and I

also hope it has helped my friend. People do come into your life for a reason that is so true.

I was trying so hard not to get attached to any outcome just being fully present in that moment of time. I had to laugh as our luggage wasn't on our flight home...again that was teaching us both not to be attached to our belongings and outcome. Off course our luggage came back to us.....

as for the future who knows what it will bring, but I am now open and ready to receive love again.

What ever happens to us good or bad we can always turn it around into a positive, out of trauma we become stronger and wiser. Our soul wishes to experience much, love, loss..pain, joy and peace.

From the depths of one soul we dig deep and find that inner strength that is is there within us all.

Life is a journey so beautiful souls go grab your piece of happiness right now. Life is short...let go of fear and get back being the driver of your life. When we let go of fear our world changes in so many positive wonderful ways...that will enable us to be open and ready for LOVE.

Love and light always Susie <3 <3 <3

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Now and forever my

lovely husband will

be my side for love

never dies it just grows

stronger every day

love you always

forever and ever


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