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800 Words

800 Words

Golden sunset at Bude

We often wonder why and also overthink things, these are the questions I ask myself.

Not knowing where we are going as life takes us on so many journeys that at times

seem very surreal. I live in a beautiful place so I feel blessed and today I enjoyed the surf as many

others do. The sea was liquid light as the sun rays danced upon the surf.

I lay there in anticipation for the next wave. White water waves that splash and bounce us

along our boards that keep us afloat to the sandy beach.

We should never take for granted what is there for our taking. The sea and surf are free.

I also also ask what my late husband would say… just enjoy life why worry.

Life has a way of working things out so why do we worry?

I ponder on that thought… when we are really here in the present moment we don’t worry we just saver every moment. I recall the feeling of being in the sea, the fresh salty taste in my mouth that made me smile. The glimmering sea that shone so brightly..the surge of the waves as my excitment mounts and an eagerness to climb upon the waves. Feeling alive as the waves grabs you and swirls you forward propelling you to the shore. I finally get it what many surfers do that this moment is the only moment that really matters as the adrenalin kicks in you feel one with the sea and one with your surf board...(mine being a body board). As I play in the surf

words come into my was a conversation that my late husband had to his surf buddy..

many new Pritch “his words well if carlsberg made beer then this is heaven”. Sadly Pritch(aka Dave is no longer with us. Together they surf the endless waves of eternity.

Life is for the taking again I ask why do we worry..its like a permutational motion that runs in your head at times. We wish it to stop but we are bombarded with filterers our minds that sends signals to our brain. Stop its not real I say to myself..look this is real where you are, seize the moment don’t wait..what are you waiting for? We all ask that question and I guess we don’t really know. Life just keeps going and we have to go with the flow, if we don’t then then life can go astray.

Why am I telling you this because I also need my words of advise. We can all give advise to our friends and family but do we take our own advise NO is the answer. So today I am listening,

go book that flight, do what makes you happy life is for living…

I cast my mind back to the day I met my late husband. He knew what I felt that our life is carved out for us the day we are born and as I’m typing this I know I’m being prepared for my next chapter of my life with a new man who will surprise me just as much as my late husband did. I’m too young in spirit not too have a man besides age is just a number.

How many of you are ruled by your age? Do you hide your age and or do you embrace it? I feel young at heart do you? When we believe that our heart then radiates out positive energy attracting the right people into our life bringing us joy.

So again I ask myself why things happen. I can not say as I don’t know the answers. You often hear the phrase some people come into your life for a reason or a season and that is true believe me. Friends come and go, some stay in your life whilst some just drift away. We have relationships that don’t really go anywhere they just stay in your memory bank its part of living your life a full life. Everyone in your life is there to help you. Really I hear you speak yes really. I have been enriched by many souls that have encountered my life but it hasn’t been easy for from it, but I take solace that I find peace by doing what makes me happy, singing, dancing and playing in the surf. We all have responsibilities but we owe it to ourselves to nurture and love ourselves truly.

So again I ask the question why do we worry? Is it generic do we worry before we are born, do we inherit this from our parents. We may never know is what I’m trying to say so today and every day do something that makes your heart sing. Love life. <3

Love and light always Susie <3 <3 <3

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Now and forever my

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never dies it just grows

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