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Hello beautiful souls its been a long while since I last here goes..

What can I say, what shall I write...I ponder at life's mystery, for life is a mystery that takes

us on so many levels of emotions. We wake, we sleep, we dream, we cry, we experience pain and happiness, childbirth and death.

This is life in all its glory. For a long time I just floated along head in clouds and not really wanting to look at my shadow side that place of the soul that not many of us wish to delve into,

but for us to move forward with our life at some time we all have to take a look at the great big

box that we have hidden away all tied up nicely in a pretty bow. Its ok to take a look inside, it

really won't bite you because its all part of why we are here, and that box is part of you!

To enrich our life the pain that we suffer helps our soul....our soul wishes to share our pain,

it wishes to share the happy times too, so please invite your soul and bear all...your soul

know the truth.

The truth is that we all beings of light living in a physical body having a physical experience.

Sometimes thats hard to accept because the feelings that we feel, feel so real but are they...

how many of you listen to your soul, how many of you listen to your heart..sometimes

we let our head take the lead and then we overthink...we play scenarios out in head because our

head is playing games with us. We have all been there even me so please when your

head is spinning take some nice deep long belly breaths and place your hand on your heart

and say these feelings may be real but they are not true..listen to your heart, your heart is the

key to all our emotions so feel the love that is there for you, within your heart there is a place

of wellbeing..a safe place for you to dwell in..its your truth.

Just sit there and experience the truth....don't question it just accept it..

The road we travel is not always easy, but remember beautiful souls that we are all

finding our path back towards the light...and the light will always find us, even in our

darkest hour the light will touch you and embrace you once more.

We are all love and LOVE is why we are all here...

Many blessings of love and light to you all Susie <3 <3 <3

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Now and forever my

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be my side for love

never dies it just grows

stronger every day

love you always

forever and ever


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