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.Love and light always Susie 


Gabrielle from Kent UK

I've had the most beautiful angelic distance healing from Susie for a fractured

ankle, as she was sending it I felt the energy in my body and I am left feeling

extremely peaceful and rested and my spirit was really lifted. I would so recommend this to anyone in need of some help.  


Diane from USA

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the 2 colour light therapies, was spot on

and wonderful help.  I loved the feed back you gave.  I think everyone should

try this.  Thank you so much, amazing what you can do long distance.


Alison from Cornwall UK

Yesteday Susie gave me a really lovely colour healing treatment.  It was

so relaxing,  just what I needed at a very stressful time.  Thank you Susie

I'm still feeling relaxed and dealing with stress much better.


Emma from Kent UK

Dear Susie, I wanted to say thank you so much for the Distant Coloured Light Therapy you sent me with the colours of green and pink.  When I sat still and relaxed I felt very calm and peaceful and saw lots of beautiful colours. Afterwards I felt really grounded and much calmer than I had previously, I  also slept really well too.  The written reading that you sent to me about what is going on in my life at the moment, was very accurate and I was amazed.   Thank you so much. I love your page and feel lifted everyday with your posts. Thank you  Emma.

Maria from Kent UK

To anyone that was thinking of having Distance Healing please give it a go. Susan Walters gave me Healing last week and I really feel that it has benefited me greatly. Sue was there when I needed someone to lean on. She was my strength when I was feeling weak. Not only during the time of healing but before and after, offering me support and guidance. Sue is a wonderful person with a great heart. Thank you Sue for everything you have done for me I really feel you enabled me to see things clearer and helped me move forward. I will definitely call on you again when im in need and I hope others will too.xxxx.


This image is of 4 wonderful large orbs from the Archangels.  When I send or give Asoma Love, readings and healing using the beamer light pen, I always ask that the wonderful Angels of the Light will assist me with all that I do.  My late husband managed to capture this wonderful image through his photography which both gave us a loving and warm experience and I feel the lovely Angels wish me to share with you all their loving pressence to you all of hope, faith and much love.


Let the angels into your life today and may you always have an angel by your

side, to comfort you with their heavenly wings of love.


Angel blessings to you all Susie 

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