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Sharing with you all some wonderful websites and facebook pages that might help you as they have helped  me to progress further along my spiritual journey and all resonate much love and light.    



Studio 1709




The above link is to my late wonderful husband's facebook page, which I have taken

over .   He was my rock and my true love who captured the energy of life through the lens of his camera viewing a moment of time through land, earth and seas of life.


I have known Daphne for many years now, she has been an inspiration to me and has helped me to learn to trust what I feel and sense is right.  She is a very warm and loving soul and I owe her much.


The Healing Trust is the new name for The National Federation of Spirituals Healers and I am proud to be a part of this orginsation.


Susan Ann Palmer is such a beautiful soul.   I have enjoyed many of her workshops and she also has much knowledge about the Angelic Realm.

Debbie and Steve Merrit are the owners of this fabulous website.   They offer speical days in special ways.  Debbie and Steve are truly beautiful souls who gave us the most beautiful special day we could ever wish for at our Celtic Wedding Blessing were we did the old tradtion of Handfasting.



Lucinda Drayton is Bliss, she has a voice of an angel. "One Hundred Thousand Angels" one of her best well known songs.  She is truly gifted and such a beautiful soul.


Krys and Jass Godly are the owners of this wonderful website.  Krys and Jass are internationally renowned psychics and mediums who have recently helped me to progress further along my path of love and light. They are both truly beautiful souls that inspire many as well as helping them with their wonderful gifts.  They also have their own Radio Show  called Spooky School which I was a guest on.  To find out more about their radio show click on the link  Spooky School





The above link is to my wonderful dear friend and fellow Lightworker on Facebook known as Devine Therapies.  Emma is an inspiration to me as we have shared much throughout our friendship which will last forever, a truly beautiful soul with much love in her heart.


Sue Clarke is the owner of this lovely website and her Shop " Wise Old Crow".  A well known Clairvoyant who has given me clear insight to the way forward, such a lovely soul with much knowledge of Pagan and wicca.

Jenny Ralph is the author of her first book 

"Voices in the Mist".  I have known Jenny for many years now as we did our healing training together. She is such a warm and gentle soul of much love and light. 

The following links below are my lovely friends and Lightworkers.   Although we have never met we share our love between us and give support to each other.  One day our paths will cross and we will get to meet each other in person.



Jeri Monts is the owner of this truly inpiratonal website.  Jeri has a mission to rasie money to build a a wolf sancturay in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Jeri is such a gentle and beautiful soul who resonates much love and light to all that she does.







Indigo Readings


Kirsten Ivatts is the owner of her wonderful facebook page and now has a faboulous new website.  A truly beautiful soul which resonates move love.





The above link will take you to wonderful Lightworker Erin Koczur on Facebook.  Her light is bright and shine's her light far and wide.  She is such a beautiful soul that touches many with her love and light, an earth angel of the light.


Kerry was the owner of this wonderful facebook page, sadly she passed over at the beginning of this year but her beautiful page is kept going by her lovely friends.







              The Role of a Lightworker


The Role of a Lightworker is to spread love and light around the Universe.  To ignite in someone's soul as to awaken them so they can start their spiritual journey.


We are all part of this cosmic plan to search the truth and open our hearts so that we can all unite in peace and love.


Harmony will fall once more upon this beautiful  planet that we all live upon.


It only takes one seed of thought and the thought has been planted so spread the word LOVE.





Reiki, Peace & Harmony


Lovely Beca is the owner of her delightful Facebook page, a true lightworker and Reiki healer.  Her love reaches far and wide, an inspiration to many souls.  A beautiful soul of much love and light.

© 2023                             

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