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Change is good for us it's good for our soul. How many of you have out grown

a situation, a relationship or in need of a career change. I'm sure many of

us have gone through life wondering why we need to let go of a situation or a

person, I know somes times I struggle with this, but change we must.

Always remember when one door closes another one opens and this is so true.

Change is all around us it's the building blocks of life that keep us moving foward

and keeps us on our toes, for if we stood still then we would never learn and

grow from our experiences.

Many of you know that I recently lost my husband last year. Loss is something

that we all have to come to terms with, so slowly and surley we get through this.

There is no time scale we each take our time and eventually we come through the

other side, then we can help others that are going through the pain of loss. To gently accept

that in time they will also heal and time is what is needed. Time to heal, time to process, time

to reflect, time to let go and time to envolve, so change we must.

I now feel ready to start my next chapther so I can then help you all with these

wonderful bottles of colour and light - Asoma Love is coming to you all soon :-)

Many blessings of love and light to you all Susie

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Now and forever my

lovely husband will

be my side for love

never dies it just grows

stronger every day

love you always

forever and ever


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