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Here I sit contemplating on life and where I am right now, for life is an illusion as we are all beings of pure light living in a physical body. When we remember that then we realise that everything is just as it is and all will be well. Life takes us on a journey of ones soul to learn much and experience many things..this is all part of our soul contract, before we incarnate we have decided on our life through our souls connection to spirit, we agreed and our life begins again in our earthly body.

Spirit world is all around us and when you awaken to the light and the magic of spirit then you will notice many wonderful things. I had one of those moments recently my late husband gave me the most remarkable evidence ever, I was blown away by this, briefly my eldest son has gone travelling and I lent him one of my husbands book (he was an avid traveller) on reading this book out jump a boardiing pass of a flight that my husband took many years ago and its the same place where my son has gone too, amazing, but what was even more remarkable was the date that he flew was the same date that he passed over to spirit, a big fat wow..I was so overwhelmed that I knew that he would be with my son on his travels as well as being with me. Earlier that day I was channeling him and he said I am everwhere look out for surprises well he certainly did that lol.

Emerging we all are and waking up to the light that is around us all....spirit never leaves us,

we are touched by spirit every day and are loved always as love never dies it just grows bigger and bigger as love is the only energy that we should all focus on.

Through the magic of life we weave the web of life through our dark days and our light days knowing that we are always truly loved. So now I emerge brighter and lighter, the past has gone and all we can do is move forward, its all part of our souls transition, many new doors are opening and I know feel that I can move forward with my life for I feel that my late husband has given me a boarding pass to my future. I feel blessed and honoured to have a connection with spirit. We all have the ability to conect with spirit so just be open and receptieve and see the magic of spirit that is all around us then you may also emerge brighter and lighter like a butterfly in full flight. Spread your wings beautiful souls and fly free knowing that there

is nothing to fear as love transends everything.

Love and light always <3 <3 <3

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Now and forever my

lovely husband will

be my side for love

never dies it just grows

stronger every day

love you always

forever and ever


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