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Do you believe in angels?

Do you believe in angels?

I believe in angels. I feel angels are pure divine beings of love and light that come from the highest and purest form of all creation. They surround us in love and grace us with their energy. We all have our own guardian angel that we can call upon to assist us in our daily life. Remembering we all have free will and our angel will gladly help us if we ask.

There are millions and millions of angels - infinite beings of love and light. There are even earth angels that walk amongst us, yes they truly do. Ask yourself how many times in your life has a complete stranger come up to you to assist you..they seem to come out of nowhere and then vanish just as quickly as they appeared. Its happened to me many a time and I am so thankful for their assistance.

Angels can give us hope at times when we feel alone or in despair. Just by calling them, we will feel their loving wings embrace us and give us much comfort. As I'm typing this I can feel the love of the angels around me. Their energy is soft, like a gentle touch that touches your heart and soul. They remind me that we are never really alone, they walk amongst us daily and if we ask for a sign they will gladly drop an angel feather upon your path.

When ever I do any healing work I ask for their assistance and instantly I feel them helping me.

Pure energy that is so light that fills my heart with joy and love. A few years ago my late husband managed to take a photo of them in my healing sanctuary as once a week I sent distance healing and I would ask the big guys to help as I call them.

Archangel Michael for protection for he can help us to stand strong in the face of adversity. Archangel Raphael for healing he can help us to seek the gift of healing and shows us ways to heal ourselves he also helps us to find the healing in nature and universal energy. Archangel Gabriel for guidance and to help us to express our truth openly and honestly, respect and honour our individuality and also to listen to our intuition and inner voice.

Archangel Uriel to help bring knowledge from the creator of light and love, he also helps us to acknowledge the light within and to help us to heal.

The photo above says it all we didn't quite believe it and it really blew us away..

Wow so utterly amazing and the love that came from them was immense...truly beautiful

and so wonderful. I've never seen anything like that before...tears of joy and tears of love.

What a wonderful experience and off course I thanked so much.

When I look at these orbs now it always gives me hope and love and an inner knowing that

life continues after we pass over to the spirit world and I also hope that it will give you

hope too. Just gaze upon this photo and feel the love pouring out..

Feel their energy surrounding you and ask for healing and guidance..breathe in their love

and breath out your love to them. Fill every part of your body with the light and allow

yourself to heal in mind, body and soul.

For me personally I feel angels are neither female or male its just that us being humans

we like to perceive them in a certain way.

An angel blessing for you all beautiful souls <3

May the angels surround you in endless love.

May the angels give you hope

May the angels bring you a gift

May the angels of light give you healing and may the angels remind you that you also was once an angel.

We are all beautiful beings of love

having a physical experience in our

earthly physical body.

That is our truth.

Now walk your path knowing that the many

angels of light will grace your life.

Ask for a sign and then you will believe...they

will surprise you....and when they leave

you their calling card always say thank you

and send them your love <3

May you always have an angel by your side <3

Angel blessings Susie <3 <3 <3

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