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Transformational Healing



Transformational Healing is a profound healing technic, which enables you to reach your full potential. This process clears trauma and old belief systems using high-frequency energy, making us live in limitation and fear. Transformational Healing gives you the space to connect deep within your core, letting go of your ego-self and connecting fully into your body.

Holding you in the energy of love, I will gently guide you to drop into your body, inviting your soul/higher self to feel with you; how does it feel it be you? Guided by your soul, I will be led to the questions that will help you to process and release stuck emotions.

I may ask you the following:-

"How does it feel to be stuck."

"How does it feel to be alone."

"How does it feel to be afraid."

This process is about feeling, seeing how the words land in your body. I will be with you all the whole time, reassuring you, you are not alone. It can bring up old emotions and feelings, giving you space to fully process and let go of old patterns that have held you back. It can also tap into past lives.

The transformation comes when you have finished processing and are ready to accept your truth. Using an even higher frequency of energy, you will be given the opportunity to feel and sense the true meaning of who you truly are. As a facilitator, this is a very humbling experience to witness.

Are you ready to take the plunge and delve deep to enable you to live your life fully so you can be the best version of yourself? Then book yourself a session.

Transformational Healing sessions in house £60

1 -1 Transformational Healing sessions via zoom £60

Book 3 sessions get your 3rd session half-price £150




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